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5 Ways to cope with the stress of moving

At Déménagement Mont-Bruno, we know how moving can be a stressful event. Planning, organizing, packing, transporting, in addition to dealing with the astronomical amount of paperwork… A move requires a lot of planning, yet you need to know where to start.

It’s also possible that your stress is not caused by the event itself, but by the unknown. New house, new neighbor, new community, and maybe new city or country.

No matter what causes your stress; here are some tips to simplify your life and reduce your stress level during this new stage of your life!


Take a deep breath. The first step to a stress-free moving day is to approach it with positivism. A good mood can greatly improve your experience and reduce your stress level. By approaching your move with positivity, you have the opportunity to turn that experience into something enjoyable and productive.

A good thing is to think about the positive aspects of your move; a bigger house, the addition of a garage you dreamed of, the discovery of a new neighborhood that fascinates you, the opportunity to create new links, etc. Visualize the positive and it will give you a head start on stress.


Another good way to reduce your stress during a move is to find activities that allow you to relax. It’s important to take some moments when you can think of something else.

You like sports? You prefer to go grab a coffee with a friend? A day at the spa is what you would like? Find the activity that's right for you to recharge your batteries. Don’t forget your social life, despite all the work that a move requires.


One of the most effective ways to plan your move is to do a little research on your new neighborhood. Visit your new library, find a new gym, find the best cafés and restaurants, etc. You will be less stress and you will already have a little idea of ​​what awaits you.


Don’t wait until the last minute. You may be overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done! The secret to a stress-free moving day lies in long-term planning and organization. Plan well in advance, book moving trucks, make sure people are available to help you out, make lists so you don’t forget anything, etc. Remember that a move is not just about moving equipment; this requires taking over a significant amount of paperwork that can’t be neglected. For example; have you thought about changing your address, changing your paper subscriptions, contacting provincial and federal institutions, etc.?

Choose the right equipment: the right amount of boxes of different sizes, wrapping paper, cables, adhesive tapes, etc. Also think about your moving team. Whether it's your family, your friends, your colleagues or a team of professionals, make sure everyone are able to help.


You have tried everything but your level of stress won’t come down? Even a spa day won’t calm you? It’s simple, hire a professional team like the one we have at Déménagement Mont-Bruno. A dynamic crew, the taking care of every little details of your moving day, a stress-free experience. What are you waiting for? We guarantee a courteous, efficient and safe service.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 1 (877) 336-1212. Your peace of mind is waiting for you on the other side of the call!