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Commercial Packaging Montreal

We offer a complete and reliable packing and unpacking service for businesses.

We will deliver the material and equipment required to you in advance if you prefer to have the packing done by your employees. We provide peel-off and coloured stickers (one by dept) for easy coding of each piece of furniture and boxes. The stickers can easily be removed after the move.

We offer full or partial packing and unpacking, following your needs. For example, we can pack/unpack all the filing cabinets while the employee prepares his personal effects. Plastic bins are practical and often requested by our customers. For filing cabinets, we use special boxes that contain a regular lateral filing drawer. This makes it easier to unpack.

From a laboratory to a court of law, a small office or an art collection, our system is trustworthy and effective. Our commercial services are provided with experienced crews. An on site supervisor is always available to help you. Facilities are fully protected.