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Choosing the right moving company

Thinking of moving? Don’t know where to start ? Having a lot of questions about the moving procedure? Opting for a moving company can be the solution to your problems.

The first thing to consider when choosing a company is trust. You must feel confident with the company you choose. After all, you let someone else handle your most precious possessions! Therefore, it’s important to choose a competent and professional moving company that meets all your needs. Here’s some tips to help you make a decision.


A move is already something stressing: don’t add to your stress by waiting until last minute before doing any researches and planification! The ideal is starting as soon as possible. This way, it’s helping you to better manage your time and stress. This gives you plenty of time to research, ask questions, check the availability of different moving companies, have your project evaluated, compare prices and offers, etc.


Get informed properly before making any decision. Check the company's website and social networks (if they have any), read the comments on their pages, ask your surroundings for some recommendations, look for any good and bad reviews on Yelp or Google for example.

Once your idea in mind, contact the company. Now’s the time to ask all the questions that are in your mind. Is it covered by any insurance policy? What do their services include? Don’t be afraid, all questions are relevant. After all, you are planning one of the most significant and stressful events in your life; you ought to know what you are getting into! A certified moving company will gladly and clearly answer all of your questions.


Looking for an company specialized in residential moving? Need a company offering a residential or commercial storage service? Wanting a company that can make a local move as much as a long distance move? It’s important to understand your needs; this way, you can focus your research and stop wasting your time looking in the wrong place.

Most companies offer specialized services. You greatly benefit from knowing exactly what they can offer you before contacting them. At Déménagement Mont-Bruno, we offer a moving service that meets all your needs; do not hesitate to consult our list of services.


Don’t be afraid of getting different estimate. It’s normal to understand who offers what and at what cost. You wouldn’t want a company that offers you the same service but at a price that is far too high, don’t you?

A consultation is helpful when you hesitate between two or three companies. Get your moving project evaluated by these companies and then, compare their prices and what their packages includes. This will help you making your decision.


In the end, the decision is yours. So be confident. Choose the right moving company that suits your needs and you’ll see: your moving experience will run like a charm!