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How to properly pack for a move

Here’s some tips on how to pack properly for your next move so that everything goes smoothly!


Before starting packing your belongings, have you thought about hiring a moving company? Take the time to look at the options available so you can make an informed choice. For more tips, see our article "Choosing the Right Moving Company". You can also check our lists of services to find what suits you; residential, commercial, local, long distance moving, storage service, etc.


Once the company and date are chosen, the preparation can now begins. A good way to efficiently plan your move is to make lists. An inventory of your belongings, the number of boxes you will need, the materials needed, etc. This helps to clearly identify everything you have to do.


A move is often considered like a new start. It’s also an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of your belongings; furniture, clothing, objects, appliances, paperwork, etc. Sort what you have in your possession and ask yourself if you will be using it at your new house or if you really need it. Those pair of high heels you have never worn? This old TV? All these projects and school work that you have been keeping since kindergarten? Now’s the time to sort the necessary from the superfluous.

Want to know what to do with what you don’t want anymore? Find a charitable organization, plan a garage sale, donate, etc. There are many ways to give a second life to your items, furniture or clothes.


The last step in planning a move is obviously the packing of your goods and furniture! Now is the time to pack, label, store and prepare everything. To ensure a worry-free move, here is a short list of essential materials for packaging:

  • - Cardboard boxes of different sizes
  • - Plastic bags
  • - Wrapping paper
  • - Bubble wrap (for the most delicate items, such as dishes, glass, mirrors, etc.)
  • - Adhesive tapes
  • - Permanent markers (to identify the different boxes)
  • - Ropes, strings, elastics (to prevent objects from moving during transporting)

Now, you just have to pack everything and you can finally enjoy your new home. However, don’t forget to plan enough time to pack everything... You wouldn’t want to arrive on the day of the move and have no boxes ready, right? The ideal is to start early so you can rest easy and organize your things. Remember to pack your belongings going room by room; in addition on facilitating your organization, it also facilitates unpacking, once arrived at your new house.

We know a move takes lots of time, energy and planning. But by being well prepared, you are putting all the chances on your side to have a stress-free move. To put all the chances on your side, contact our team of experts at Déménagement Mont-Bruno!